Local eggs from local love

Geneva Peeps came to be in the fine month of May, 2014. It's an egg co-op: a few dozen folks coming together to cooperatively raise and care for egg-laying chickens in Geneva, New York.

Here's how it works. An individual or family may volunteer for one shift each week. There are 14 shifts available: one each morning (at dawn) and one each evening (at dusk). Morning shifts are responsible for letting the hens out into the yard, and evening shifts are responsible for putting the hens to bed. All are responsible for keeping the ladies fed, hydrated, safe, and happy.

Each shift receives 1/14 of the egg production from the previous week.

Geneva Peeps is primarily concerned with chickens and eggs, but we understand that all things are interconnected. We are endeavoring to build a sustainable ecosystem; so we'll play with solar energy, rainwater catchment, raised beds, bees, compost, worms, gardens, and whatever else we discover along the way.

It's a community project, so the community directs it. Come, join the Peeps and start building.